SAAD ALKHULAIFI ENGINEERING BUREAU (KEB) International Consultants were established in Kuwait in 1999.  It is considered as one of the respective architectural/Engineering Firm in Kuwait.

As a multi-service firm, KEB offers inclusive consulting services in planning, architecture, structural, engineering services, interior design. In addition to Construction feasibility studies, Site supervision, project and construction management.

Since its founding, KEB has extensive experience with different types of project as private properties, high-rise buildings, residential and administrative towers, Educational buildings, masjeds, industrial facilities, commercial and shopping centers, and governmental projects.  KEB develops the design requirements of each client through understandings of project goal, user needs, surrounding environment, legal aspects and economic considerations.

KEB has today grown into disciplinary constancy with a multinational professional staff.  The varied cultural backgrounds besides the wide-range collective experience and invaluable assets in the design and execution of its massive range of projects.

The firm’s success to date in a relatively short period can be attributed to its deliberate policy of teamwork, careful organization and effective management, and to a large degree the enthusiasm of its staff. Our professional staff is well prepared and well equipped to provide the best solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

To provide the best quality of construction projects, KEB is organized into specialized departments:  Architecture, Structure, Electro Mechanical and Project/Construction Management.  In addition to the contracts department and the technical offices.  It has most of its architectural and engineering disciplines in house.  This assures perpetual coordination and better communication among different disciplines.



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